Important Notice

You were directed to from a website that advertises: "We tell you about cash you can claim EVERY WEEK," or from a site that advertises "free money" for class actions settlements. The operative Settlement Agreement states that Defendants and the Settlement Administrator shall review all claims for validity and for potential fraud.

Please note that in order to collect any benefits under the settlement you are required to sign a form that states: “I hereby certify under penalty of perjury that (1) I have read the Settlement Agreement and agree to its terms, including the Released Claims; (2) The information provided in the Claim Form is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge, information and belief; (3) The additional information provided to the Settlement Administrator to support my Claim, if any, is an original or a complete and true copy of the original document; (4) I am a member of the Settlement Class and did not request to Opt-Out from the Settlement Class; (5) I am neither (a) a Person who purchased or acquired the Product for resale; (b) an employee of Defendant; (c) a Person who has filed for exclusion from the Settlement Class; (d) a governmental entity; nor (f) a judicial officer to whom this Action is assigned, or any member of the judge’s immediate family; (6) I have not submitted any other Claim for the same purchases and have not authorized any other Person or entity to do so, and know of no other Person or entity having done so on my behalf; (7) I will timely provide any additional information requested by the Settlement Administrator to validate my Claim; (8) I understand that by submitting this Claim Form, I am deemed to have given a complete Release of all Released Claims; and (9) I understand that Claims will be audited for veracity, accuracy and fraud. Illegible Claim Forms can be rejected. If a Claim Form is determined not to be a Valid Claim, it will be rejected.”